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Bring down your geyser electricity spend
up to 30% with our smart geyser solution

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Once subscribed, you will be asked a few questions about your geyser to see if our smart geyser is suitable for your home.

Install Smart Geyser

If your answers show you qualify for the device you will receive an email with a personalised link to pick a convenient time for an accredited plumber to install your smart geyser device. Home+ connects a very small, very smart device to your geyser. This allows you to control how your water is heated from anywhere directly from your smartphone. 

Set Your Schedule and Save

Set your hot water schedule so your smart geyser device can work its magic. You can override the schedule at any time for those unexpected events or use vacation mode when you’re away.Set the times you need hot water and the device does the rest, turning your geyser on and off accordingly. 

Track your savings, in real time, in the app and see your progress each month so you can discover even more ways to save.

Free installation

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