Home+ Emergency

Powered by AURA

Integrated panic-button to get fast armed response wherever you are in South Africa.

On-demand emergency
services in-app

Home+ Security is an in-app emergency panic button that is with you
wherever you are, at any time of the day.

  • Only R59 a month
  • No Hidden Fees, all in one app

Powered by South Africa’s highest
covered armed and medical response
company – AURA

What does AURA do?
AURA provides a security and medical response services platform that connects users in distress to a network of responders across all nine provinces in South Africa. The platform aggregates private emergency response companies and dispatches the closest responder to any distress signal received, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Why did we choose AURA?
Emergency response shouldn’t only be available to those with the means to afford private fees for security and medical response companies. Regardless of income bracket, with AURA, South Africans can now access affordable security and medical response services instantly using a connected device.
How do you access AURA?
Home+ is committed to providing South Africans with services that make life simpler, easier and safer. That’s why we’re giving you the first three months with AURA free. To access AURA’s services in an emergency, simply press the PANIC button on the Home+ app.

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How an in app panic button works:


Tap and hold when you need help


Services are alerted


Help is on the way

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