General T&C’s

  1. All information regarding Home+ is to be considered sensitive and to be kept confidential
  2. Santam owns all intellectual property rights for Home+
  3. Testers are participating at their own risk, and under their sole and exclusive responsibility
  4. Home+ may contact you in future about additional testing opportunities or Home+ related offerings.

Rewards T&C’s

The competition has no fixed time period and is available from 1st  April 2022.

A customer is required to have a verified Home+ account before they can play.

Customer is required to have a minimum of R500 of electricity credit on their account before they can play.

For each R500 a customer tops up in electricity credits, they are entitled to 1 play of the game.

1 play = 1 coin turn

Home+ Rewards Game prize amounts as follows:
Total = 19 coins

We are using random choices built-in python function. choices() algorithm uses floating point arithmetic to randomly assign the values of R50, R20 and R10 to each tile in the board game. Each coin is randomly assigned a value of R50, R20, R10 with the probability of 5% for R50, 21% for R20, 74% for R10

A customer is limited to a total of 19 plays

A customer cannot redeem their rewards until they have a total of minimum R20.

“Home+ Rewards” means pre-paid credits that a customer wins through playing the Home+ Rewards Game, and can be used to purchase electricity on the Home+ App. Rewards cannot be exchanged for any other prizes or redeemed in cash.

Home+ may suspend access to or disable your Home+ Rewards game if it has reason to believe that it has been used in or has been associated with any fraud or attempted fraud

Home+ Rewards Game will collect data about you and your purchases using Rewards Game. We take your privacy seriously and data collected will be used only in accordance with the Privacy Policy. You can see our full Privacy Policy